1. From the editors
    Laura Colucci-Gray and Donald Gray
  2. Trying to do Socially Just Educational Research: Doing Things Differently
    By Meg Maguire
  3. A story of transforming teacher education
    By Aileen Kennedy, Lizzie Hay and Becca McGovern
  4. The Elusiveness of Equal Access to Educational Opportunity: Scotland, After a Decade of Inclusive Policies
    By Janet Adam and John l'Anson
  5. Partnership within the Context of Mentoring Initial Teacher Education Students in Scotland: Progress or Maintaining the Status Quo?
    By Lorele Mackie
  6. How do IT programmes support pre-service primary teachers to become competent and confident teachers of mathematics? A systematic review of interventions trialled in Scotland and the Republic of Ireland
    By June Pisaneschi
  7. Truth be told...it's my job and I'm told to do it': Teachers' Perspectives on Supporting Young people from black and minority ethnic groups in Glasgow Schools onto Positive Destinations
    By Nighet Riaz
  8. Education in the Scottish Parliament
    Morag Redford
  9. Book review
    lan Menter
  10. About the Contributors